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Takashi Shimazaki
14-1-501, Kamioka-town 2, Meito-ward, Nagoya-city 465-0083 Japan
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Mr. Takashi Shimazaki

Nickname: tadopika

I do like the sound of this name. The 4 syllables sound as if they reflect my character and tell a whole story.

Birth: Born in 1975 in Nagano prefecture

Hobby: Listening to classical music

Since I took up this hobby in 2011, I have been with the radio every day. Incidentally, I have spent almost no time watching television since 2010. Generally, I like beautiful music pieces of Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, and others who lived around the 18th century. With Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in particular, I would take the right way in my life. I want to do easy brain works, including driving a car, with pretty tunes.

Unique skill 1: Prime factorization

When a 4-digit number just catches my eyes, I often prime factorize the number in my head briefly, sometimes less than a second: license plate numbers of passing cars pose me good questions. I feel a high when I solved the number in seconds, whereas heave a sigh when the number turned out a prime after minutes of reckoning.

Unique skill 2: Fortunetelling

I can somewhat read the nature of a person from his or her birthday, as well as tell an affinity between two people. Since I met shichusuimei, or an oriental fortunetelling technique known to predict well, I have studied it on my own, observing close people or celebrities whose birthdays are available. I have reviewed the common theories and even developed my original techniques. I am now a fortuneteller. In 2014, I became a master of matchmaking. However, as I cannot do business with it, I began in 2019 to find girlfriends who have good chemistries with me. I hope that she could help turn my future life better.

Qualification 1: Pre-1st grade of Eiken

I got this English qualification in 2004 after educating myself for around a year, hoping to be a classic tutor. Although I could retrieve some self-confidence, I was hardly paid off by this. Ever since then, it has been my routine to read some English news at such sites as: BBC News - Home, U.S. and World News Headlines : NPR. In 2014, I resumed tutor in Nagoya. But with few inquiries, I quit the service in 2019.

Qualification 2: 1st grade of Suken

I was studying for this mathematical examination at the same time with the Eiken. I passed the exam in 2004 at the third challenge when math notebooks amounted to 10 or so. I find myself most satisfied when doing mathematics among all. I am proud of this status, a goal wicked people should not be able to achieve. However, the exam was not so reliable as the pass rate was unstable at that time. I do not know what it is now. By the way, Mathematical Problems are my brainchildren born in those days.

Qualification 4: 1st grade of Nissho-boki

I began to study accounting in 2006 aiming to become a CPA or certified public accountant. Since 2008, I have sat for the CPA examinations 6 times in vain before retiring from the challenge in 2011. The Financial Services Agency, which administers the exam, lifted the passing score to an unprecedented level since 2009. It deceived me into devoting more than 4.5 years of my life to nothing! Later in 2011, I reluctantly took this bookkeeping exam with lingering will. I spent 5 years to finally get this junk title.

Religion: None

I adhere to no religion, denying the existence of God, Buddha, and Flying Spaghetti. I am not interested in the creation by people with poor scientific mind and rich prejudice. Rather, I believe in science. Some people say that fortunetelling is not science, though, that is not always the case. I rely on some of shichusuimei techniques, including what I have discovered, that can predict with a high probability.

Body 1: Head circumference 62 cm

The null hypothesis "my head circumference, in consideration of my height, is normal for terrestrial humans in the 21st century" would be rejected with a significance level as low as 0.001. In other words, my head is exceptionally large with confidence not less than 99.9 percent. Do not take this as "my brain is at least 99.9 percent out of order". Thanks to this trait, I have characters that are akin to autism spectrum syndrome: neurotic, sensitive, and introverted.

Body 2: BMI 21 kg/m2; body fat 11%; resting heart rate 50s b/m

Around these figures seem to be optimum for me. I do not do specific sports, but I regularly take a walk, and do indoor training of my own to keep fit, which is only when I am not engaged in some physical work.

Disease: Seborrheic dermatitis

I have been suffering from the disease on the hindhead since I was 30 years old or so. At that time, I engaged in physical work of irregular hours, which might have strained my body to malfunction. It is an annoying ailment with the treatment unknown, if not doing a serious damage to my health. I tried spice free diet, fasting, or gaining and losing weight by several percent, all of which so far did me no good. The ailing skin should have gone beyond my life expectancy, though, it seems to metabolize still fast.

Food: Oily fish, soybeans, and cabbage

I eat these three items much more than average Japanese for their remarkable health benefits. As for fish, I often get yellowtail, mackerel, herring, saury, and sardine: especially, I like the head of yellowtail. I take soybeans as an ingredient of miso soup as well as in the forms of okara (bean curd's byproduct), fermented beans, and soybean flour. I munch on much cabbage usually in raw in the beginning of every meal. My staple food is usually the mix of brown rice, white rice and barley. I sometimes eat bread, buckwheat noodle or grounded pasta instead. Foods I moderately take are fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, nuts, green tea, coffee, spices and so on. Seldom do I have junk food, carbonated drinks, and deep-fried food. These are basically commercial goods and have adverse effects both on our health and on the environment. I hear "you are what you eat and what you drink."

Invention 1: 1¤4

This monetary system is my greatest invention yet. I would like to see this money circulate among people on the third planet of the solar system. I applied for a patent, made the paper public on the Internet, and published the work as a digital book for Kindle. But all the attempts have so far got me nowhere on the earth.

Invention 2: Su-bake

This is a computer game I invented. I established a company to make this game for windows in 2000. The next year, the game was published on the Internet, but no one bought it. Su-bake seems to have gone beyond the intelligence of terrestrial humans in the 21st century. Incidentally, I had another original idea: a space racing game, which was left untouched.

Recent occupation: Cleaner

As my fortunetelling and tutoring businesses barely pay me, I had to find another job to live where I am. I came to work from August 2014 as an operative who regularly cleans outside the illegally built apartment houses. This is a really physically demanding job. My steps count around 10,000 a day during work hours. In summer days, I need more than three liters water to drink. About four years later, one day in September 2018, all of a sudden, it has ceased. I felt unbearably stressed and was made into fight or flight mode by a terrorist who lived next to my workplace and let her dogs bark with a horrible high pitch sound. I asked the perpetrator to stop the disgusting noise, but she did not apologize to me, and instead seemed to have told the apartment's company a bogus story to expel me! I was sacked within the day.

Preoccupation: Forex trading

I have got to be interested in foreign exchange in spring 2018, and started trading. I joined in the zero-sum game with my calculation ability, anticipating a big fortune in future. I made my original forecasting program with Microsoft Excel, and recorded some of the currency pairs' prices every day. Although I have studied this calculation strategy for months, I was never able to grasp a way to success. The margin has diminished to one-sixth in a year. I reluctantly changed the strategy to trade based on price charts, but it has got even worse. In September 2019, I suffered insomnia from stress. Forex cost me time, free cash, and my health.

Childhood: ACE

Recently, I came to know about ACE, or adverse childhood experience. In fact, I was bullied at times in school. And, at home, I had been emotionally abused to suffer from toxic stress over the years. Although I do not write the acts in detail, these traumas got embedded deep in my brain, adversely affecting my future life. ACE would also have damaged my immune system, I guess, to cause the dermatitis on the head. I become pessimistic to think that I have no way to be free from the ACE curse throughout my life. I wonder if I can live long.


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