Fatty Acids and Health

Tips on Trans Fatty Acid and Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Takashi Shimazaki

I am interested in health and often read health-related news on the Internet. Such articles, as usual, conclude with advising that, eat fruit and vegetables, do not smoke, and exercise regularly. Certainly, these three words should be the basics of human health. However, disregarding lower primates who are against the advice, only a few people would know further in detail. And many are affected by partial information through the media, led to misjudge in their daily lives. Are you among them, too?

I have sought for information about "trans fatty acid", a word I found in a recent news article. After investigating the word for months, I was able to acquire a useful knowledge, especially of fatty acid, that I did not know ever. I now have a better diet than before with the help of what I have learned.

I put here practical information about fatty acid to provide some beneficial knowledge for those who are so concerned with health as to come across this page. The contents are aimed at those dwelling on the Japanese archipelago, and so this would not necessarily be the case abroad due to different circumstances. However, I am confident that the crucial points of good health, regarding fatty acids, should hold true in other countries as well: to evade artificial trans fat and to secure omega-3 fatty acid. You can learn them in detail from links below. I hope that my article helps, boost your school performances, improve your medical checkup scores, and extend your remaining time!

Fatty Acids and Health

What is a fatty acid?
Trans fatty acid
Trans fat regulation
Avoiding trans fat
Taking omega-3 fatty acid

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