Download su-bake

This links to "", a compressed zip file that contains the game program and readme files. To run su-bake program or open the readme files, you need unfold "" file after saving it to your computer.


Keep in mind the following 7 points before playing su-bake.

[1] You could play su-bake on some Windows OSs, as the game was tuned to function on Windows 98, 2000.
[2] Su-bake strains the player's sight. Therefore, refrain from playing su-bake when you have some fatigue on your eyes.
[3] Su-bake's intellectual property now belongs to me, Takashi Shimazaki.
[4] You can copy su-bake files onto the hard disc of your computer. You can also play su-bake for free.
[5] You can neither use su-bake for any commercial purposes nor modify su-bake program without my permission.
[6] I do not have the ability to fix the possible bugs (program faults) in the su-bake program.
[7] I will not bear any responsibility that su-bake could cause on your body, your computer, and your life.


Download su-bake
Game screens
ID (Intelligence Deviation)

© 2008 Takashi Shimazaki
Updated: April 14, 2013