A Unique Game that Trains Your Working Memory

Takashi Shimazaki

Su-bake is a computer game that I invented. In March 2000, I organized Zanshin corporation to create the game for windows with a programmer. We completed su-bake the next year by trial and error, and the game was made available online for a while. However, it completely failed to sell. I also asked some game publishers in Japan to launch out the product. But none of them showed an interest. Meanwhile, I applied for a patent on the concept of su-bake, which too resulted in vain: the officer denied my creative idea a patent, saying something off the point.

I was forced to terminate the one-year-old company because all the things went wrong. Then, I realized that su-bake was too novel, or zanshin in Japanese, for the ordinary people to find it interesting: the game requires its players to use their brains in a way that anyone would not have experienced before and also not in the future.

For years, I have been reluctant to make su-bake public because it would entertain little people and would bring me no money. However, I gradually came to think that su-bake's unpopularity is the result of its authentic novelty, and that its intellectual value is too lofty to be evaluated by the monetary scale. Hence, I need not deny su-bake any longer, and su-bake need not seclude even if it is not accepted by a majority of earth people.

Finally, I decided to provide this game to minor but curious, creative, and cultured beings on the planet. Should you think that you are among them, play su-bake to further train your brain, especially the working memory! Be sure, however, not to give it a try if you are a coward and fear to confirm your dim brainpower!


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ID (Intelligence Deviation)

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