ID (Intelligence Deviation)

When the game is over, the player's ID (Intelligence Deviation) is displayed on the screen. ID indicates the level of your intelligence, particularly the capacity of your working memory, among a population. It could not be denied that the population is not the entire humans in the 21st century on the planet.

Various IDs

Here are IDs of su-bake players across the world. By the way, what is your ID?

A single cell: ID=6

Idiots: ID=19

A first grader: ID=34

Ordinary citizens: ID=50

An intellectual: ID=63

Experts: ID=80

An extraterrestrial: ID=92

Working memory

The intelligence needed in su-bake is the ability of working memory. You are also required quick reaction as the other action games. However, what makes this game unique is that it requires the players' working memory. You cannot mark high scores in su-bake with poor working memory even if you can react with a lightning speed.

By the way, how does su-bake let you use your working memory? You have to discern the changing patterns of the numbers (0,1,2) to gain higher scores. You cannot discern the number's changing pattern with its one particular stage: you need to watch the number's 2 or 3 consecutive stages. Therefore, to speculate a number's changing pattern, you are to combine the current number's information with that number's past information of 1 or 2 stages that you temporarily memorized. Thus, your working memory works.

What is a deviation?

A deviation is an indicator of a person's ranking in the population. It is often used in Japan to represent students' school performances. The deviation value of the mean of a population is 50. About 68% of a population lies between 40 and 60 in deviation, and around 95% is between 30 and 70.

ID (Intelligence Deviation) in su-bake resembles IQ (Intelligence Quotient), which is an indicator of an intelligence test scores, and which may be better known globally. Both ID and IQ are used to represent a person's intelligence level. But they are different in the numerical values. The comparison between ID and IQ is as follows.

IDIQRankStatistical meaning
2055999th of 1000m-3s
3070978th of 1000m-2s
4085842nd of 1000m-s
50100501st of 1000m
60115159th of 1000m+s
7013023rd of 1000m+2s
801452nd of 1000m+3s

Note: "m" is the mean of a population
Note: "s" is the standard deviation of the population.


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ID (Intelligence Deviation)

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